Arriving at Salt Coast | Summer Is Here

Its like breathing life into an inanimate object. The transition and transformation from 2D to 3D.

Lines, drawings, ideas and visions suddenly gain volume, movement, tangibility and accessibility.


The feeling and emotion has always been there, but it is now made real through personal connection and shared experience.


Let me introduce the starring features:

The melon coloured, floaty, high waisted maxi skirt, accompanied by the signature GFD white fringe & leather shaped crop top.

The printed fringed open back swing top paired with matching printed jogging shorts, add mesh detail for a bit of kick.

The fringed, high waisted, well-fitting shorts and blue, layered fringe & leather crop top.

The navy fringed armhole and mesh insert drawstring maxi dress, available in different colours and variations.

The double slit, mesh layer maxi skirt and melon coloured flounce kimono – some of many this season!


The contrasting colours of Salt Coast resound, the flow of endless rolling waves and detail of wind swept sand dunes resonate, and the striking, alien beauties embody the much anticipated Gabriela Fraser Designs range representing the Spring / Summer season for 2014/2015.


Although vast, voluminous and solitary, the new hot items on the rails are given personality and zest by the beautiful Chez Blaq, Nicola du Plessis and Helenka Fourie. Captured by the impeccable Matt Geeling of MGG Photography, groomed by the remarkable Jacqueline Stone and accessorized by our friendly favourites at Madison Footwear The Heart of New York and Black Betty Jewellery Design – Summer was sure to shine in the resourceful playground of Ian & Colin Greyvenstein at Triplane Studio Production Facility.


GFD has arrived at Salt Coast, and we are ready to shake the heat waves and ocean ripples up this Summer!

Catch the first official look of our sizzling new styles at The Avant Garden Treehouse Fashion Show this Saturday – 13 September.

The full catalogue album will be uploaded next week where items will be available for order if you dont manage to get your hands on some golden threads this weekend – buy tickets here to ensure you dont miss out!



Travels to Salt Coast | Gabriela Fraser Summer #2

You’ve had the first taste of what the GABRIELA FRASER DESIGNS Summer 2014/2015 is going to entail, but we’ve got a feeling you may want to know a little more?

This week has consisted of sketches and patterns and choosing only the most glorious fabrics, signing off labels and deciding between beautiful branding options for business cards and tags, sourcing and styling jewellery and shoes for our catalogue shoot on Monday and after much anticipation, we will finally be getting to see the final product samples this weekend!


In true fashion style of last minute everything, panic and pressure, stress and anxiety – we have no choice but to leave it up to chance and trust in anticipation that all the many hours, weeks & months of planning & prepping will produce the result we hope for.

This is where the real excitement kicks in, waiting to see GFD’s latest range materialize!

Along with this excitement comes fear, and nerves, and hope and a whole desert storm & ocean tidal wave of other emotion swirling around a flurry of last minute doings & checkings – this is one helluva journey!

Things are looking promising tho, and with the incredible Tip of The Tongue Agency taking control of production – we are assured things will be coming out on top of mind, looking fresh and fabulous!


We cant wait!! Watch this space for sneak peaks of the EPIC   catalogue shoot & fashion film we will be shooting on Monday!


Welcome to Salt Coast | Gabriela Fraser Summer 2014/2015


A contrast // A union


Where red hot golden sands meet icy blue Atlantic waters – complimenting and inspiring each other,


floating and guiding one another around a vast, voluminous barrenness of simplicity

078c5df758039936f9d51762cc011571 d6acb4b6854c27a900b18812ee2b32ad

Wind, waves, dunes and desert ripples are the movement and the life // finite lines and sharp edges are the detail


A Golden Morroccan style with an alienatingly beautiful muse,


an expansive and solitary mindset answers the question of GFD beauty and fashion for Spring / Summer 2015.


Gabriela Fraser Summer – Watch this space :)

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The Avant Garden | Creative Carnival 13 September 2014


THE AVANT GARDEN is back – bigger, brighter and busier than ever before!

Our re-imagined and refined creative carnival launching Cape Town’s young, rising talent & the kick-off of Creative Cape Town’s 5th annual Creative Week is sure to tempt and tantalise all tastes.


Greenhouse                 12:00-19:00                   R60

Eclectic art / Creative crafts expo / Finger-licking food / Performers / Live Bands / Rooftop Tea Garden / Cash Bar


Treehouse                    18:00-00:00                   R120

Fashion Shows / Live Fashion Photoshoot /  Professional photography / Entertainment / DJs / Cash Bar / Sponsored Prizes


Garden party                12:00-00:00                   R150       (full experience)


Come and connect with the creative industry’s ground-breakers, change-makers & scene-shakers, from the up-and-coming to the established & inspirational at this interactive & multi-faceted event.

Get your tickets from Quicket TODAY!


GABRIELA FRASER DESIGNS will be launching our sizzling SPRING / SUMMER 2015 Range as a showcase down the TREEHOUSE runway and for sale in the GREENHOUSE market place!


Save the date, spread the word & share the love.

Unite > Ignite < Create


CONNECT ON FacebookTwitter & Instagram

For more information please contact info@theavantgarden.co.za



Business Friends | Friends in Business for Mutual benefit

I have found myself toying largely with the idea of having “Business Friends” in the last week, and it is proving to be a very useful relationship status!

As opposed to signing contracts and all the boredom involved with paperwork, I have collectively decided to form “Business Friendships”  along with the relevant CEO,  Editor or <insert important job title here> and just shake hands in stead (occasionally throwing a High 5 in there for good measure, and possibly even a ‘thumbs up’ at times).

There is so much more fun to be had when you can share a laugh before a meeting, and so much more productivity involved with being in a relaxed, free space to bounce and share ideas and creativity.

This has partly evolved from working largely from home, inviting stylists and industry names to visit me at my private studio for sourcing oppurtunities and having a cuppa while we talk fashion, clothing and anything else that may inspire conversation while in the comfort of my couch and cute (super-friendly, A.D.D) cat, Salsa.

One such notable relationship is that with stylist and TV Presenter Tracy-Lee Rosslind. Her signature blue hair and tiny frame always provides for some entertainment, and growing together and pooling our resources with no expectation other than that of mutual benefit is proving invaluable.

Ok, enough suspense – here is the result of helping someone out after hours, making a little more effort than typically necessary, and offering not only a helping professional hand, but one with caring and support in the same breath. We can all relate to a time when someone has gone over and above what is expected, and thus playing an integral part in the production of something truly AWESOME, and worth every extra minute dedicated.

INTRODUCING: JIMMY NEVIS new hit single, MissCato.

Have fun spotting all the GFD in the fepic music vid, currently airing on Trace :)

– Ethnic pick and orange fringe Kimono and Crop Top

– Emerald green open back Evening Dress

– Black furry waistcoat

– Black mesh bodysuit

– & more!


Sprinkles of Black & Gold | Black Betty Design

I got a little carried away last week when having the enchanting opportunity of visiting the studios and HQ of Madison Shoes – The Heart of New York, AND Black Betty Jewellery Design. Walking into any one of these spaces is a girls dream , and I couldn’t but imagine a way of somehow attaching these two spaces to the back of my personal closet and having a walk in showroom  and access to some of the most magnificent footwear and accessories at my fingertips (or tippy toes I should say)!




Such girly, drool worthy items and I am lucky enough to get to enjoy them for a little longer, although not quite in the ostentatious way of a permanent, all access closet slash showroom!


Gabriela Fraser Designs has recently partnered up with Black Betty Design, so start looking forward to seeing some beautiful drippings of my signature accessory colour on my Gold Tribe girls in our upcoming features – I’m talking some of the most exquisite Indian crafted gold jewellery pieces – from spiral earrings to checker board necklaces! We are all becoming familiar with the excitement that collaboration ignites in me, and the talk of developing an inspired new range together had me in tingles! GFD is looking forward to creating a unique, signature collection with the lovely ladies at Black Betty!


The Black comes in with the DELICIOUS pair of heels I was given by the treats of humans at Madison SA – a pair of black suede platform stilettos, with a gold heel and tassel/zip detail on the front!





After pairing up for the Fashion, Flavour & Art event, I was hooked and was lucky enough to become the proud owner of my first pair of Madison’s, and not just ANY Madison’s – a select pair from the Madison Black range. Expect to see MANY Instagram’s of my fav new shoes, (I’m looking for any excuse to wear them, by the way;) and even more foot candy on my models in the next few events coming up :) Apparently their new Summer Range is nothing short of amazing!


Again my favourite new line resonates, COLLABORATION IS KEY // PASSION IS POWER!


fashion editorial

Collaboration is KEY | Behind Peter Magazines launch

Passion is POWER.

A circle of shared talent.

Fashion Samurai_064

Amidst all the Mercedes Benz Cape Town Fashion Week #MBCTFW craze, I was asked to speak at the website launch for Creative Cape Town, a program of the Cape Town Partnership, exciting and inspiring a group of design-minded people for the 5th Annual Creative Week in September this year, the theme being:

Start where you are. Use what you have. Make what you can.

The idea of using your resources and each others personal strengths to create a superior product or trade is quickly becoming a trend in Cape Town, and is exactly what The Avant Garden Movement is based on.

With two concepts so closely aligned, it is only natural that The Avant Garden would be the opening and launch event for Creative Week on 13 September 2014.


This exciting oppurtunity has inspired us hugely at GFD, and we have quickly hopped on at Collaboration Station!


After spotting my designs at the first Avant Garden event in April this year, the lovely ladies from Peter Magazine asked me to contribute to their launch issue and create a beautiful, inspired editorial photo shoot for the fashion pages of the online magazine. I jumped at the idea of doing a conceptual, avant garde shoot and couldn’t resist turning this into an oppurtunity to work with and align visions with some of Cape Town’s finest fashion talents.

CUE: The Avant Garden, again.

We had all connected through the first feature event in April, and it seemed only too obvious to do the shoot as an official Garden collaboration – utilizing and complimenting each other’s passion talents.

The result?

Fashion Samurai_041

A Fashion Samurai of The Golden Tribe.

and some of the most vogue-esque quality fashion concept pics any of us have ever had the joy of claiming involvement in!


Contrasting and clashing the tribes of our modern worlds, the phenomenal Cass Collett of Orcus Photography directed the lens around our fashion samurai’s Karoelien Pretorius of Cover Model Management and Chez Blaq of Boss Models who were nothing short of breathtaking against a backdrop of rust Quarry stone, lush mountain scenery and crunchy blue skies.

The Gabriela Fraser Designs threads were dripping with their signature fringe and gold detailing, accentuated by the golden warrior paint of The Little Harlequin’s make-up skill & set off by the African braids moulded by hair extraordinaire Gabriel Vereynne.


Unite. Ignite. Create


The energy behind this Spring’s Avant Garden, and an innovation inspired by this magnificent photoshoot and the power found in pairing collaboration and passion!


I leave you with a quote from the accompanying text I wrote for my first magazine spread:


“We are one colour, yet in a spectrum of light we find ourselves reinvented. We look out; we look in, define and redefine ourselves to find an energy we most closely align to. The discovery is not definition, but rather the realisation of the undefined. A unified current, a combined vision and a universal tribal beat that keeps us moving: onward, upward and forward.”

Fashion Samurai_018

Let the GFD rhythm ignite & excite you!


Check out the full magazine spread here.



passion professions

Fashion for a Cause | Fashion, Flavour & Art

passion professions

After applying my sewing skill and event experience for a well-worthy 67 minutes for Mandela Day this year, I haven’t ever felt prouder of being a fashion designer.

The humbling feeling of having the honour to do what I love for an amazing cause has sparked something inside me that goes much deeper than the need for any such personal successes or desires.

Working in an industry that is very often criticised for its superficial and material values has its challenges, and attempting to prove that there is a greater need for all this fashion business is an argument designer’s face all too often. Finding a way to “justify” my career choice and practise my desire for wanting to do something more with my fashion passion than just making pretty dresses for pretty people, seems to have caught right up to me on my mission to make a difference. I have discovered that there are more-than-many whole-hearted people out there who are selflessly willing to donate whatever creative contributions they can for a relative charity, and this is testament enough that these criticisms may be nothing more than an ignorant generalization and naïve assumption.

The Fashion, Flavour & Art Showcase has inadvertently crushed the impression that fashion is purely a luxury and unnecessary indulgence. The highly esteemed people, brands and companies that have come together to make it all happen have ignited an energy so real it has taken the event to heights we never imagined possible. Real people with a real reason to give of their (very real) time, energy and effort have looked past their own agendas and willingly gone beyond the call of the usual fashion week craze to donate their talents to a greater good.

The level of dedication, inspiration and excitement that has developed around working for something with no direct monetary benefits in a financially driven world has been…. Refreshing! Who could have imagined 20 typically unrelated people and professions could come together and use their creative talents to achieve one common goal – raising money to contribute to the very valuable research that CANSA does?

As the fashion industry attracts the spotlight with Cape Town Fashion Week commencing, it is somewhat of a statement to go ahead and throw our own fashion party on the final eve – disregarding all of the typical fashion week “to-dos” and making all the “fashion faux pas” at such a lucrative time of year!

But could we really call choosing to do something for someone else’s benefit, as opposed to our own, a faux pas?

There might be some faux fur, but let that be as far as we go to doing anything fake! Armed with my new found search for finding that “loving feeling” in everything I do, and not only once a year for 67 minutes, is opening up a whole runway of new avenues to channel my creativity for the greater good of humankind!

Never under estimate the power of a creative mind and a passionate heart. I believe it is these people that will change the world – when service is above self, success will be sure to follow!