Business Friends | Friends in Business for Mutual benefit

I have found myself toying largely with the idea of having “Business Friends” in the last week, and it is proving to be a very useful relationship status!

As opposed to signing contracts and all the boredom involved with paperwork, I have collectively decided to form “Business Friendships”  along with the relevant CEO,  Editor or <insert important job title here> and just shake hands in stead (occasionally throwing a High 5 in there for good measure, and possibly even a ‘thumbs up’ at times).

There is so much more fun to be had when you can share a laugh before a meeting, and so much more productivity involved with being in a relaxed, free space to bounce and share ideas and creativity.

This has partly evolved from working largely from home, inviting stylists and industry names to visit me at my private studio for sourcing oppurtunities and having a cuppa while we talk fashion, clothing and anything else that may inspire conversation while in the comfort of my couch and cute (super-friendly, A.D.D) cat, Salsa.

One such notable relationship is that with stylist and TV Presenter Tracy-Lee Rosslind. Her signature blue hair and tiny frame always provides for some entertainment, and growing together and pooling our resources with no expectation other than that of mutual benefit is proving invaluable.

Ok, enough suspense – here is the result of helping someone out after hours, making a little more effort than typically necessary, and offering not only a helping professional hand, but one with caring and support in the same breath. We can all relate to a time when someone has gone over and above what is expected, and thus playing an integral part in the production of something truly AWESOME, and worth every extra minute dedicated.

INTRODUCING: JIMMY NEVIS new hit single, MissCato.

Have fun spotting all the GFD in the fepic music vid, currently airing on Trace :)

– Ethnic pick and orange fringe Kimono and Crop Top

– Emerald green open back Evening Dress

– Black furry waistcoat

– Black mesh bodysuit

– & more!

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