Inspiration Twinkling | Diamond & Gold African Detailing

Gold splatterDrawing inspiration and getting ideas for the range I’m working on for the FASHION, FLAVOUR & ART Showcase on the 16th seemed to come too obviously.

Firstly, being thrown in the deep end is definitely where my Aries characteristics thrive and this seems to be the case all too often in this crazy-paced fashion industry! Getting the opportunity to show off my dresses in a place as shining and beautiful as the Shimansky show room is an honour and it would have been a sin not to jump at the chance!

The fact that the whole event is aligned with the Mrs. South Africa competition and is being held in order to raise funds for the CANSA association is massive incentive, and with all the arrows pointing in such a glowing direction, its safe to say my excitement and my inspiration is palpable.

Coincidentally, my book-loving mom happened to pass down the most beautiful photographic collection depicting the traditions surrounding the rights of passage in Africa and this ignited an already evolving vision of how I want to represent my brand and my clothing at this prestigious event.

When all my favourite models jumped right on board to get involved, I couldn’t keep my pencil off some paper and immediately had to start sketching.

So, with my favourite muses, an amazing cause, the loveliest lady leading it, a sparkling venue and my essential ethnic African reference, designs began evolving as I conceptualized ideas into reality. Diamond shaped cut-outs, gold African detailing, bold, bright blocked colours and a persistent mood of “Im here to say” kept resonating through my mind as the concept came to life.

A range of 6 inspired, striking gowns have made themselves comfortable – directly in front of my creative eye – and the production has commenced! Another characteristic Aries trait, impatience, is proving to be the driving force behind the construction process as I can hardly wait to see my visions realised! Look at some of the amazing images from the Passages book below for some visual pleasure and inspirations 😉

Gold African accessories

African fringing

African fringing





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