Sprinkles of Black & Gold | Black Betty Design

I got a little carried away last week when having the enchanting opportunity of visiting the studios and HQ of Madison Shoes – The Heart of New York, AND Black Betty Jewellery Design. Walking into any one of these spaces is a girls dream , and I couldn’t but imagine a way of somehow attaching these two spaces to the back of my personal closet and having a walk in showroom  and access to some of the most magnificent footwear and accessories at my fingertips (or tippy toes I should say)!




Such girly, drool worthy items and I am lucky enough to get to enjoy them for a little longer, although not quite in the ostentatious way of a permanent, all access closet slash showroom!


Gabriela Fraser Designs has recently partnered up with Black Betty Design, so start looking forward to seeing some beautiful drippings of my signature accessory colour on my Gold Tribe girls in our upcoming features – I’m talking some of the most exquisite Indian crafted gold jewellery pieces – from spiral earrings to checker board necklaces! We are all becoming familiar with the excitement that collaboration ignites in me, and the talk of developing an inspired new range together had me in tingles! GFD is looking forward to creating a unique, signature collection with the lovely ladies at Black Betty!


The Black comes in with the DELICIOUS pair of heels I was given by the treats of humans at Madison SA – a pair of black suede platform stilettos, with a gold heel and tassel/zip detail on the front!





After pairing up for the Fashion, Flavour & Art event, I was hooked and was lucky enough to become the proud owner of my first pair of Madison’s, and not just ANY Madison’s – a select pair from the Madison Black range. Expect to see MANY Instagram’s of my fav new shoes, (I’m looking for any excuse to wear them, by the way;) and even more foot candy on my models in the next few events coming up :) Apparently their new Summer Range is nothing short of amazing!


Again my favourite new line resonates, COLLABORATION IS KEY // PASSION IS POWER!


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