Travels to Salt Coast | Gabriela Fraser Summer #2

You’ve had the first taste of what the GABRIELA FRASER DESIGNS Summer 2014/2015 is going to entail, but we’ve got a feeling you may want to know a little more?

This week has consisted of sketches and patterns and choosing only the most glorious fabrics, signing off labels and deciding between beautiful branding options for business cards and tags, sourcing and styling jewellery and shoes for our catalogue shoot on Monday and after much anticipation, we will finally be getting to see the final product samples this weekend!


In true fashion style of last minute everything, panic and pressure, stress and anxiety – we have no choice but to leave it up to chance and trust in anticipation that all the many hours, weeks & months of planning & prepping will produce the result we hope for.

This is where the real excitement kicks in, waiting to see GFD’s latest range materialize!

Along with this excitement comes fear, and nerves, and hope and a whole desert storm & ocean tidal wave of other emotion swirling around a flurry of last minute doings & checkings – this is one helluva journey!

Things are looking promising tho, and with the incredible Tip of The Tongue Agency taking control of production – we are assured things will be coming out on top of mind, looking fresh and fabulous!


We cant wait!! Watch this space for sneak peaks of the EPIC   catalogue shoot & fashion film we will be shooting on Monday!

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